SUMMIT delivers a variety of projects that empower vulnerable adults to improve their quality of life and influence positive change.


We value having people from different backgrounds and with diverse experience in our workforce. Our team are passionate about making a positive difference; this is reflected in our work, empowering people to develop the skills and confidence to regain control. Our values are what unite us as a team of people, working together to achieve our mission. At SUMMIT we are proud of our team’s dedication and their commitment to support the people we work with.

Gaynor Jarrett

Chief Executive Officer

Gaynor has worked for the organisation since 2010 and is a fully qualified advocate, and holds the IAQ, IMHA, Care Act, City and Guilds TAQA assessor and C&G PTLLS Level 4, teacher and trainer.

Elaine Hawkridge


Elaine started to work for the organisation in 2009 and provides administrative support to the team. Elaine is a qualified IMHA.

Tania Drummond


Tania has worked for the organisation for 2 years and has successfully completed her C&G Level 2 ‘Introduction to Advocacy’. Tania supports other people with a learning disability as a peer advocate.

Noeleen Broughton

Project Co-ordinator

Noeleen is a qualified advocate and has her IAQ and Care Act Unit. Noeleen is the Project Coordinator for SUMMIT Support Centre and has worked for the organisation since 2015. Noeleen has a level 4 certificate in Management.

Thomas Vousden

Advocate/ Facilitator

Tom started working as a Bridge Builder for the organisation in 2011 and as a qualified advocate having obtained his IAQ and Care Act unit in 2016. Tom is a qualified teacher and trainer.

Edith Milne


Edith is a qualified Advocate and began working for the organisation in 2010 and has her IAQ, IMHA and Care Act unit. Edith is the administrator/facilitator for AB4D.

Rachel Sandford


Rachel started working as a Bridge Builder for the organisation in 2009 and in 2011 started work as an advocate. Rachel holds the IAQ, IMHA and Care Act unit.

Vicky O’Sullivan

User Engagement Service Co-ordinator

Vicky is a qualified advocate and is the coordinator for AB4D and our development officer for ‘Easy Read’ communication.

Glynis Grove


Glynis Grove has worked for SUMMIT since 2011 and is a fully qualified advocate having obtained her IAQ, IMHA and Care Act unit. Glynis works across West Essex facilitating AB4D groups.


SUMMIT has a board of 8 Trustees who bring a wide variety of skills, knowledge and expertise to the organisation. Being a Trustee can be rewarding and enjoyable. It is a great way to be involved in a community or cause which matters to you. Our Trustees come from all walks of life and being a Trustee can help you change your community for the better, learn new skills or use your existing skills. At its heart, being a trustee puts you at the centre of the action for the organisation you are involved in. Our Trustees ensure that SUMMIT has clear goals and strategies, that action to achieve those goals is being taken and that SUMMIT meets its legal and financial obligations.

Graham Thornton

FCA Retired, Chair

Graham is the Chair of the Trustee board and became a Trustee in 2005. Graham works tirelessly for the charity and has a hands on approach. Through Graham’s leadership the organisation has thrived and adapted to change.

Robert Smith

ACMA ACIS, Treasurer

Bob has been a Trustee for the organisation for many years. As the Treasurer he ensures financial clarity and accountability for the organisation.

John Hobley


John was a headmaster of a special needs school and joined the organisation in 1999 as a Senior Advocate and team manager.
John became a Trustee on his retirement in 2014 and brings grass roots experience to the table.

Maureen Goddard


Maureen has been a Trustee for many years and was the former Chair of the Trustees. Maureen brings knowledge of the local demographic and has a great understanding of the needs of our beneficiaries.

Des Exworth

M.B, CH. B, Trustee

Des brings a medical background to the board of Trustees. His working knowledge of the local area and its challenges assists the organisation in supporting and identifying the most vulnerable in the local community

Mike Beardmore

M.B, CH. B, Trustee

Mike was a GP in the Tendring area and on his retirement became a Trustee of the organisation. Mike brings a wealth of practical knowledge of health and well-being issues.

Adele Bird


Adele worked for the organisation as an Independent Advocate and became a Trustee on her retirement in 2014. Adele brings a working knowledge of the sector to the Trustee board.

Alistair Blake

MA, Trustee

Ali is a General Manager of a Digital Media Company. He brings a range of skills and talents to the charity and will be able to advise and inspire new ways of communicating using digital solutions.