Summit’s Changing Faces Drama Group Takes on “I’m Only Joking”

Changing Faces definitely like a challenge, and on Wednesday, they brought along their many talents and a lot of enthusiasm to take part in the first of two I’m Only Joking! drama workshops with Gavin Dent, a freelance producer and director.

Changing Faces are no strangers to presenting thought provoking and engaging drama, having performed at Essex People’s Parliament Conferences, and created two video performances for Essex County Council and now they are tackling I’m Only Joking! – an acting project that enables people with a learning disability to shine a spotlight on difficult issues and experiences.

Together, Gavin, Gaynor, Tom and Changing Faces are working on a story that deals with bullying, hate crime and being a victim. Everyone worked really hard in the workshop and came out buzzing with ideas and excitement.

And the story doesn’t end here! There will be one more workshop with Gavin, lots of work with Gaynor and Tom, and then Changing Faces will take their play to a local school and perform in from of a group of students… with a twist! They will get the students to interact with them in the drama by making suggestions for different actions and endings, and taking on some of the role play themselves.

Changing Faces Drama Group