SUMMIT is a Hate Incident Reporting Centre.

What is a HIRC?

Hate Incident Reporting Centres, or HIRCs, are community venues where individuals can report hate incidents and hate crimes, either as a victim or a witness.

A HIRC can act as an alternative place for reporting hate crimes/hate incidents rather than directly to the police.

Why do we need HIRCS?

According to the 2011 Crime Survey of England and Wales only 23% of hate crimes/hate incidents were reported.

Recommendation 16 of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry recognises the need for ‘the ability to report at locations other than police stations’.

It is clear that victims/witnesses feel more comfortable reporting at alternative venues for a number of reasons.

If you feel you have been the victim of a hate crime please call or visit:

Summit House, 14-16 Orwell Road, Clacton on Sea, CO15 1PP

Tel: 01255 429778
Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm
HIRC lead: Gaynor Jarrett [email protected]

Click below for STOP THE HATE leaflet

Stop The Hate leaflet