SUMMIT Bespoke Advocacy Service – Let us Support You to Provide Bespoke Advocacy

We welcome spot-purchase arrangements for specific advocacy provision including out of area referrals by local authorities for: Learning Disability Advocacy, Mental Health Advocacy, Care Act Advocacy and IMHA.


Spot Purchase advocacy can help when there is no contract to provide that particular piece of work. It is a single piece of work that can be funded by a range of organisations including local authorities, NHS trusts solicitor firms, voluntary organisations and on an individual basis.



We can support the individual to:

  • Identify what they want from services

  • Understand their rights and entitlements

  • Have their voice heard by services

  • Help individuals to make difficult decisions for themselves



This advocacy can be on an instructed basis with an individual who can make an informed decision about what they want, or on a non-instructed basis with an individual who does not have the capacity to make an informed decision and where someone else is a decision maker on their behalf.



Some further benefits of  providing advocacy via spot-purchase are:

  • May prevent waiting lists

  • May be able to bridge a gap in provision

  • Fulfilling urgent request



We offer a flexible service which can meet your needs cost effectively.


If you’d like to speak to us about spot-purchasing or supporting you to deliver out of area work, then please contact SUMMIT on 01255 429778 or email [email protected]