The aim of the project is to support individuals to take control of their life and emotional well-being by providing practical help, advocacy and training.


The Project Aims

To support people to manage their own emotional and mental  well-being by providing the tools to support this process, helping people to notice signs of stress or anxiety earlier and deal with them better.

To support people to identify and  resolve the barriers that are preventing their inclusion within the community, supporting engagement with others to obtain the services they need whilst connecting people to their community.




10 Week Mindfulness Course

These practical structured sessions, will help you to build a healthy mind/body connection.

The course gives you the opportunity to  learn breathing exercises and different techniques  that will enable you to manage or change unhealthy thought processes.


Due to COVID-19 these sessions are currently being run online. For more information on how to access these please contact us on 01255 429778