SUMMIT facilitates group activities for vulnerable adults, helping them to improve their quality of life by connecting with others and learning new skills.


A Drama Group for adults with Learning disabilities and Mental Health needs. “Changing Faces” provides individuals with the opportunity to discover hidden talents through exploration of different aspects of Dramatic Arts.

The aim of the group is to ensure inclusion for all. At Summit we understand that not everyone has the confidence to be centre stage. This is why we offer a variety of opportunities including; producing, writing, stage make-up and costume design as well as directing.
The Drama group have developed and performed a variety of original productions
Our Actors can be viewed on UTube and on Essex County Council’s Website.


We have a variety of groups which support people with learning disabilities and mental illness to improve their fitness using physical activities.  We facilitate a green gym which makes use of the outdoors and we organise sporting events such as indoor bowls and table tennis.


Craft Creations is an Art therapy group for people with learning disabilities and people who suffer mental illness. This group brings creativity to therapy and is popular with our service users and professional referrers. Participants have the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of art and let their mind unwind. All resources are provided and there is no charge for this service.


Our Health group takes place every second Wednesday at Summit House. We work in Partnership with Anglian Community Enterprises to provide people with a learning disability a safe environment to come and make new friends, gain confidential advice on sexual health, take part in group activities and have access to specialist health advice.


This is a three year project funded by the Big Lottery. Summit Services provides structured group sessions where the focus is building confidence and assertiveness skills through a range of therapeutic activities. We facilitate groups, where people can learn skills such as Mindful Meditation and Relaxation Therapy as well as attend group sessions on understanding emotional well-being.