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Meet the Team

We value having people from different backgrounds and with diverse experience in our workforce. Our team are passionate about making a positive difference; this is reflected in our work, empowering people to develop the skills and confidence to regain control. Our values are what unite us as a team of people, working together to achieve our mission. At SUMMIT we are proud of our team’s dedication and their commitment to support the people we work with.

Our Mission

Our Trustees

SUMMIT has a board of nine Trustees who bring a wide variety of skills, knowledge and expertise to the organisation. Being a Trustee can be rewarding and enjoyable. It is a great way to be involved in a community or cause which matters to you. Our Trustees come from all walks of life and being a Trustee can help you change your community for the better, learn new skills or use your existing skills. At its heart, being a trustee puts you at the centre of the action for the organisation you are involved in. Our Trustees ensure that SUMMIT has clear goals and strategies, that action to achieve those goals is being taken and that SUMMIT meets its legal and financial obligations.

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