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Accessible info at the GP - Easy Read

Below you can find an example of Easy Read information.

AB4D - GP Accessibility Focus Group

People with disabilities should be offered a longer appointment.

This could reduce the number of times we need to go back to the GP because

we did not understand important information.

Every GP practise should have a chaperone (support) service for vulnerable people.

That person can help with understanding what the GP is saying.

Trying to get an appointment can be difficult.

Many people with a LD cannot use online services so we have to ask someone else to make an appointment for us.


Some GPs are very good.

They take time to explain what is wrong and give us more time.

My GP is excellent and really understands my disabilities.

My GP talks to my carer as if I am not even in the room.

This is bad.

My GP is not approachable, so I do not go to the Doctors.


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