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Grant to help those most in need!

Gaynor Jarrett, CEO of SUMMIT said, “we pride ourselves in our support to the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community, and we are delighted to receive this grant  from Latimer by Clarion Housing Group.

Our aim is to use the funding to support those who are housed in the private sector or in temporary accommodation, particularly those who are vulnerable, with disabilities and are suffering the most from the cost-of-living crisis.

We will be having additional drop-ins and 1-1 appointments, and through support and planning we will use the funding to provide the practical resources people may need but cannot afford such as: bedding, toiletries, microwaves (using less energy than an oven) and particularly kettles for those that are in temporary accommodation and have no cooking facilities whatsoever.

Our thanks go to Latimer working in the community with CVST”.


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